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APRSmap is a new APRS client software by OE5DXL, which is based on the OSM map source. It allows a lot of features in only one program by a good usability. NO installation is required, just put it on a disk an start it!


A lot of documentation work has to be done soon !!


  • OpenSource and already compiled for windows and linux
  • 100%ige compliance with the current APRS protocol specifications
  • No installation required, just copy and start
  • No unnecessary menus, focus is on the representation
  • IP-based, out-of-the-box network-ready in HAMNET and Internet
  • Operation via shortcuts
  • Local serial connection (TNC) possible - operating as an RF IGATE
  • Several MapSources can be used. By default, this is OSM - OpenStreetMap
  • Downloading map source on demand
  • Track filter for delayed / late / repeated packets "f"
  • Radio propagation calculation (since v0.36) "R"
  • Animation of tracks with timeline "a"
  • Animation of the temperature distribution "w"
  • Messaging


 : delete markers
 @ reset <On Next Click> to menu mode
 A Animate
 B or <Backspace> go back in position history
 C Center (to last clicked Pixel)
 E toggle Errors only/All for stepping along a track with <>
 F Junk Filter toggle on/off
 H Heard (click symbol or text of igate before)
 I Internal Status Listing
 L toggle labels on/off
 M toggle dimm not moving since 10min
 O toggle Objects/Items on/off
 Q Quit Program
 R toggle Radio tracks on/off
 S Screenshot ppm/bpm
 V make Video map.y4m uncompressed in YUV4MPEG2 format
 W toggle Wx temperature map (use topo or no map)
 X set Marker 1 to clicked position
 Y set Marker 2 and Line to Marker 1
 / zoom to Marker 1-2 Square
 ~ change track colour
 + Zoom in
 - Zoom out
 . zoom to track and show only this (clicked before)
 = same as  but with radio tracks
 0 show all (and radio tracks off)
 1,2,3,4 Zoom/Pan to stored Views
 7 use osm map
 9 use osm topo map
 ESC close menus
 Cursor up/down/left/right move map, same as click near margin
 SHIFT with up/down/left/right/[zoom+]/[zoom-] in smaller steps
 DEL delete selected


APRSmap Download - For Windows, Linux and ARM (Raspberry Pi)