DMR DigitalMaster

by: Kurt OE1KBC

On the ÖVSV server we installed the DMR OE-MASTER and you can use this master for testing issues.

You can connect with HYTERA RD985 or RD965 repeater with the IP Multi-Site Service license installed. The connection is done via the "Supermaster" service.


  • Repeater Type: IP Multi-Site Master
  • Jitter Buffer Length: 8
  • Authentication Key: !! leave empty !!
  • IP Multi-site Networking UDP Port: 62015
  • P2P Firewall Open Time (sec): 6
  • IP Multi-Site Service: checked
  • IP Multi-Site Service UDP Port: 62016
  • RDAC: checked
  • Remote RDAC UDP Port: 62017
  • Super Master Service: checked
  • Super Master IP:
  • Super Master UDP Port: 62005
  • Super Master Multi-Site Service: checked
  • Super Master Multi-Site UDP Port: 62006 as standard port. Please ask WinMaster SYSOP for your own indivudual port
  • Super Master RDAC Service: checked
  • Super Master RDAC UDP Port: 62007

Server ID using RDAC Service

DigitalMaster versions larger then 8.0 are able to read the programmed Repeater Parameters.

  • DMR Repeater ID
  • Repeater callsign
  • Repeater TX frequency
  • Repeater RX frequency or shift

A Repeater with activated Super Master RDAC Service is able to transfer the parameters to the DigitalMaster. This information will be transferd to the S/BMaster system. So we can display this informations on the DashBoard. Please keep in mind to coordinate the Repeter IDs and store them to the DMR-MARC database. So we do not run in conflicts on international calls.

Timeslots / Talkgroups

  • local QSOs - the timeslot TS2 should be complete free for local QSOs. Please use TG9 to be compatible to the network issues.
  • echo function- as a special we offer on TS2 a echo function. All you speek to TG9990 on TS2 will be responded after release of PTT.
  • national QSOs - the timeslot TS1 with TG9 you can also be used for local QSOs. With your country code (e.g. in OE TG232 or TG3 in USA) you can make nation wide QSOs
  • international QSOs - with TG1 on TS1 you are connected to all repeaters WW (US, EU, ...).

HYTERA DashBoard / LastHeard

the link show the LastHeard information. This can show you the right function of the DigitalMaster installation.
You can also reach the overview which repeaters are ONLINE to the OPEN-HYTERA-NET:
And also an overview to control which talkgroups are linked to each repeater is shown:

DigitalMaster Software

The DigitalMaster software is written with .NET C# and connect the repeaters to the network..
The parameters in the properties form give you the possibilities to assign talkgroups to your slots. So you can make your own local TGs and bind repeaters to a local DMR-Network. So it is possible to connect the local repeaters (connected to the same DigitalMaster) on TS2 with TG9. This is a local area connection.
If you run more than one DigitalMaster on the same SMaster (see routing concept) you can decided on every DigitalMaster how to connect the DigitalMasters together.
The three step model give us a dynamic structure for the future.

  • DigitalMaster build the repeater connections and the network for the region
  • SMaster combine the DigitalMaster regions to a nationwide network
  • BMaster combine nations to continents

here a picture from ÖVSV HYTERA-DMR OE-MASTER main- and properties page


Questions to the software and the DigitalMaster (OE-MASTER) in OE

please EMail to

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